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From Farm To Table
We work directly with farms so that you get the best crop from each harvest

Harvest Monitoring
We visit the farms regularly during the various stages to ensure quality

Our partner farm in Al-‘Aaliyah region of Al-Madeenah
Our partner farm in Al-Madeenah
Harvesting Ajwa Al-Madeenah
Freshly Harvested Ajwa Al-Madeenah
Safawi Dates from Al-Madeenah 3 months from harvest
Freshly Harvested Safawi Dates from Al-Madeenah

Post Harvest Selection
We hand select our dates to remove damaged dates before the cleaning process

Due to the conditions of the desert,
newly harvested dates are usually covered in dirt and sand.

We ensure that all
our dates undergoes water free polishing before packing.

Dirt and sand free dates ready for consumption.